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Determining the Data Type of a Cell

In some situations you may need to determine the type of data in a cell. Excel provides a number of built-in functions that can help. These include ISTEXT, ISLOGICAL, and ISERROR. In addition, VBA includes functions such as IsEmpty, IsDate, and IsNumeric.

The CellType function (VBA code is listed below) accepts a range argument and returns a string that describes the data type of the upper left cell in the range. The function returns one of the following strings: Blank, Text, Logical, Error, Date, Time, or Value.

The CellType function

Function CellType(c)
'   Returns the cell type of the upper left
'   cell in a range
    Set c = c.Range("A1")
    Select Case True
        Case IsEmpty(c): CellType = "Blank"
        Case Application.IsText(c): CellType = "Text"
        Case Application.IsLogical(c): CellType = "Logical"
        Case Application.IsErr(c): CellType = "Error"
        Case IsDate(c): CellType = "Date"
        Case InStr(1, c.Text, ":") <> 0: CellType = "Time"
        Case IsNumeric(c): CellType = "Value"
    End Select
End Function

Using the CellType function

To use this function in a worskheet, just copy the code and paste it to a module. Then, you can enter a formula such as: